About Us

Good Samaritan Home Health Agency Mission Statement

The mission of Good Samaritan is to serve the community with a genuine caring attitude with all the emphasis on the patient and family, and to serve the community with honesty, integrity, and the highest of morals.

Agency Primary Goals

Our agency has been established with its primary goals to maintain patient contact with a strictly enforced patient centered company. This agency is to be and to operate as a professional, not just a job, with our employees serving the community with a caring attitude with all the emphasis on the patient. The agency is to serve the community with honesty and integrity, the agency is to be the extended hands of the medical profession.

Services We Provide!

  • Medicare Home Health Services PT, OT, ST, MSW.
  • Skilled Nursing Services and Home Health Aides.
  • Medical Equipment Supplies through Medicare.
  • AIDS Awareness Training / Education
    Primary Home Care / Family Care.
  • Insurance and Private Paid CLients.
    Adult Protective Services.
  • Insurance / Private Pay Services.

Additional Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a high comprehensive health care service through a coordinated plan of treatment to the ill, aged, and disbaled resindents of the community.
  • To provide continuity of health care services in the referral mechanism to facilitate uninterrpted care for the individual patient within the health care system.
  • To provide the psychological and rehabilitative stimuli for early recovery of the maximum rehabilitation of the individual in the home environment.
  • To provide appropriate environmental change in those situations where such action is indicated for the promotion and maintenance of health of the individual and family.
  • To provide positive channels of communication with the physicians, health and welfare agencies and the residents of the community.
  • To provide an Agency environment which stimulates employee growth and conduct for the provision of quality service.